3 week progress + Cleanse

Hey all!

Sooooo I am finally almost done the third week of the #nolimits challenge on bodybuilding.com. So far, I am pretty darn happy with my progress!



As you can see, the booty is becoming more firm and lifted, my back is getting more developed and my abs are slowly peeping through! I have begun carb cycling this week to really ramp up my results. Hopefully it works πŸ™‚

Another thing I started on Sunday night was Renew Life’s CleanseSmart. I did get this product for free from work but I thought I would share my progress as the weeks go by. I am doing this cleanse to test it on myself and be able to recommend it to customers at work as well as to hopefully clear up my skin and have my joint pain go away. I am only 20 after all…

Week 1:
I have been utterly, absolutely exhausted. I have slept for 10 hours each day and still felt just blah. This feeling thankfully started to dissipate at about day 5. Days 3/4 were the absolute worst thats for sure. I have not broken out really badly and I will attribute that to my honey and cinnamon face mask and sweating for minimum 30 minutes a day. As well as going to the bathroom 3-4 times daily (this is NEEDED for a cleanse). I have lost a few pounds but this is probably a good thing. I needed to feel squeaky clean in there if ya know what I mean!

I go into greater detail about the cleanse in my youtube video. You will just have to skip past my workout clothing haul πŸ˜‰

I am trying to edit my videos a bit more but it’s really quite difficult on this iPad of mine! Hurry up back to school sales so I can get a decent laptop! 😦

Let me know if you guys have tried any cleanse and if so what did you think of it! Also… If you know a good laptop let me know in the comments below as well πŸ˜‰

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Moving + new workout clothes

Hey guys! 

So as you may have seen in my last post or my YouTube video, I went to Winnipeg yesterday to try and find a place to live for school and find a job! Unfortunately the places I found online weren’t the best, but luckily I knew someone who was renovating their basement and I think I will end up living with them! It’s in a beautiful location in Winnipeg, a 10 minute drive to the University and super close to one of the main malls 😏 it’s definitely a bit too much over my budget but I figure if I can get a serving job at a nice place I should be ok! 

I wasn’t just on business out there, my mom and I also had some fun! We went shopping and I got so many workout clothes 😍 I went to the Adidas outlet and got these leggings  


They are soooooo comfy and breathable! πŸ’¦ I also got some more from Urban Planet buuuuttttt if you want to see those one’s you will have to watch my video on YouTube tomorrow! 😏 

If I wasn’t trying to scrimp and save every penny now that I know where I would be living I MIGHT have bought something at LuLu Lemon but folks, I’m just not that rich. 

The new video will be up tomorrow, Thanks to everybody who subscribed and watched 😊 

Your fellow human, 


YouTube Channel! + falling off track

Hey guys!

So I did it, I started a YouTube channel! This is the link and it would be awesome if you liked and subscribed! There will be videos on tips to lose fat while keeping muscle mass, IIFYM, my journey through fitness and sharing some workouts!

On a side note, I fell off the wagon hard the last couple days. Sunday I went over my fat macros like crazy, Monday after work a friend and I went for drinks and poutine after work and yesterday my boyfriend took me for lunch on his day off. We went to Montana’s and I had the pulled pork Sammie with fries πŸ™ˆ today I am back on track though and had a great breakfast! I felt the need to share my getting off track so you know that it IS OKAY and you don’t have to feel awful. Just get focused and push hard!

Hopefully you guys decide to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned!

Your fellow human,

Day 7: Thoughts on IIFYM + NEW workouts

Hey guys!

So as you can see from the title today is day 7 of IIFYM! I thought I would share my experience with you guys so you get an idea of what I went through.

First impression: I love IIFYM πŸ™‚ to some people it might be tedious to measure and weigh everything (side note – I just bought a scale, so now instead of measuring my food I can weigh it in grams and be a lot more accurate) but I found I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Like I said in my previous post I calculate the food I will be eating the night before and save myself 200 calories roughly so I can play around with my food for the day in case something changes. Essentially, I have ate nearly the same thing every day for the past week. You know what though? I have never felt better. Digestion is on point and I have lots of energy. Recovery from my workouts has been pretty great as well!

All in all I am really impressed with my results so far with IIFYM. My weight has gone down 3lbs which is A LOT but I know that probably 2-2.5 was water weight. I am looking to lose no more than 0.5lbs a week to ensure it is FAT that I am losing and not muscle. Slow and steady wins the race folks. I am planning on keeping my macros the same for the next upcoming week and on Sunday June 28th I will probably change them again. I might switch it to carb cycling though, keep my total carbs for the week the same but cycle them high, moderate, low for the week based on my training days. I am heading to Winnipeg on Saturday to try and find a place for the school year so I am using that day as a re-feed day to keep my leptin levels high! πŸ˜‰

Training Schedule:
– I am keeping my sprints to 2x a week, on each of my leg days.
– Incorporate 15 minute HIIT on the stairclimber on my 3 upper body days.
– 2 Rest days.
– Use the same exercises as last week but do them in a circuit instead to keep intensity HIGH

If you guys have any questions or would like me to put together your macros/workouts for you I would be more than happy to!
Email me at davisapril17@gmail.com

Your fellow human,


Possible fitness YouTube channel??!!

Hey guys!

Super quick post but I’ve been thinking a lot recently and have toyed with the idea of starting a fitness and health YouTube channel. It would show some of the workouts I do, food I eat for IIFYM, progress during the 6 week no limits challenge on bodybuilding.com and maybe a few weekly challenges for myself and you guys who watch!

All I have to record is my phone and my iPad so we will see how the quality turns out when I play around with it tomorrow.

What would you guys like to see in a video?!

Your fellow human,

IIFYM + #nolimits

Hey all!

Some super exciting news for all of you, well ok. I think it’s exciting πŸ™‚

I started IIFYM today! For those who don’t know, If It Fits Your Macros is the idea that your body composition can be changed (lose fat, gain muscle) just by eating your required macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) in the correct ratio. ie: flexible dieting. Seem too good to be true? Maybe. The idea that yes I can have a slice of cake when it is birthday day at work or I can have peanut butter and toast for supper without totally screwing my body fat % over is kind of intriguing πŸ˜‰

So, some of you may wonder. How exactly do I figure out my macros? Well, I did about 3 different calculators over the last week or so and I found one that seemed to work for me, please keep in mind that these are MY MACROS for MY WEIGHT, MY HEIGHT, MY BODYFAT, MY ACTIVITY. Everyone’s macros will be different. I am currently figuring out my mom’s and hers are completely different from mine! This is just a general calculator that you can play around with and see if it works for you.

10*(Bodyweight in kg) + 6.25*(height in cm) – 5*(age in years) -161 = 1409*1.55 for moderate activity = 2184 TDEE

This is my total daily energy expenditure. In order to lose fat I must create a calorie deficit either through working out or reducing calorie consumption. Since I factored in my exercise with my TDEE, I must reduce calories or add extra exercise. I chose to calorie reduce, this calorie reduction should be between 5-20% in order to preserve muscle. 15% reduction:

2184*0.85 = 1856
Now that I have my calorie count down, time to figure out my macro ratio!

Protein should be 1g/lb of body weight, in order to preserve muscle and still be able to gain it! Therefore 133lb = 133g protein x 4 calories = 532 calories from protein

Fats should be 20-25% of daily calories or you risk running into hormonal problems. Don’t be afraid of fats! 1856*0.25 = 464 calories/9 calories = 52g fat

Carbs are super easy to figure out. Total daily calories – calories from fat – calories from protein = calories from carbs/4 calories = g of carbs. Sooooo.. 1856-532-464 = 860/4 = 215g carbs.

Tada! These are my macros for the next few weeks. I am tracking them on myfitnesspal. Hopefully I will see some more results following this and will keep you updated on my progress! Have an amazing week everybody!

Your fellow human,


New workout plan + online health coaching!

Hey guys!

These last few weeks have been so stressful and like clockwork I got sick so it at least gave me some time to write and plan! First off, I got a car! A new Chevy Cruze ☺️ I’m so thankful I was able to do this. I worked my butt off all year in order to save for it and now my monthly payments aren’t too bad. I did it all myself, no parental help. They aren’t in the best place financially right now so they haven’t been able to help me with much. That is ok though! I’m thankful they haven’t helped me in any way financially, it has taught me how to be cautious with my money and independent financially.

On another note! I am almost done my shortcut to shred program on bodybuilding.com so I had to make a new one for myself! This is quite an advanced program as right now I am really aiming to get my body fat % low and gain some more muscle. As always if you decide to follow this plan take caution and consult a physician! πŸ™‚

Quick overview: This is just my week 1. I am going to see how it goes and tweak as needed. After that I will be following the same routine for 2 weeks at a time before switching it up. I get bored easily :/
– 2 sprint workouts a week. This will be right when I wake up. There isn’t a set day just because of my work schedule but at the beginning of the week I can see when I have time to get my sprint workout in and then my weights in later on. I will be doing 5-10 100m sprints. I haven’t done this in a long time so I need to see where my body is currently before setting a total sprinting program.
– 5 day split. Shoulders/abs, glutes/hamstrings, Back/biceps, quads/calves, chest/triceps.
– Each weight training set will be done using time under tension principles. For the first few weeks I will be finishing each set with an eccentric time under tension rep (bicep curls – on the lowering go slow for 10 seconds really squeezing the muscle) and each muscle group will be finished with a dropset.
– In between sets I will be doing 30 seconds of jump rope, box jump, switch lunges etc to get my heart rate up and speed fat loss.

Day 1: Shoulders/abs
1. Barbell shoulder press 5×10
2. Front to side dumbbell raise 4×12
3. Cable rear delt fly 4×12
4. Upright dumbbell row 5×10
5. Dumbbell shoulder press – Dropset
6. Reverse Crunches 3×15
7. Plank 5 to failure
8. Cable Crunch (time under tension) 4×10
9. Russian Twist 5×20

Day 2: Glutes/Hamstrings
1. Romanian Deadlift 5×10
2. Leg curls 5×10
3. Sumo deficit squat 4×12
4. Sideways leg press (got from Heidi Somers, who got from Paige Hathaway) 3×15 each leg
5. Cable kickback 3×10
6. Leg Curl – Dropset

Day 3: Back/Biceps
1. Assisted Pull-up – 5×8
2. Dumbbell Pull-over 3×12
3. One-arm Dumbbell row 4×8
4. Hyperextension 5×8
5. Alternating bicep curl 3×8
6. Cable bicep curl with bar 3×10
7. Outer bicep curl 3×12

Day 4: Quads/Calves
1. Back Squats – 5×10
2. Front Squats – 3×8 (I haven’t done these before :o)
3. Single leg Squats – 4×8
4. Leg Press – 5×10
5. Calf raise on leg press – 6×10 (2 with feet forward, pointed out and pointed in)
6. Leg extension – Dropset
7. Dumbbell Walking lunge – failure
8. Foam roll like your life depends on it….

Day 5: Chest/Triceps
1. Bench Press 5×10 (dumbbell or bar, depends how strong I am that day or how much pre-set I took! πŸ˜‰ )
2. Cable Chest press 4×12
3. Push-ups 4 sets to failure
4. Incline dumbbell flyes – dropset
5. Cable triceps extension – 4×10
6. Dumbbell Tricep Kickback – 3×12
5. Bench dips – 4 sets to failure

There you have it! As you can see I will really be putting my muscles under some serious torture. Hopefully I will be seeing results quickly with this plan.

My nutrition will be changing through this as well. I am splitting my macronutrients up into 45% carbs, 30% protein and 25% fats. If I am not seeing changes in my core I will have to change this. Obviously I will be sticking to whole foods, not IIFYM style here ;).

You might be wondering why I am pushing myself so hard for the next few weeks, and it’s because I am going to be doing the NO LIMITS 6 week challenge on bodybuilding.com. You can sign up here. You will have to make a bodyspace account to join but believe me it is worth it! Everyone on that site is so motivational and there is also a bodygroup specifically for everyone doing the challenge! Follow my journey and my workouts here to support me and so I can support you! πŸ™‚

Another note of some exciting news. I have an opportunity to start online health and wellness coaching! More news on that will be coming soon. In the meantime, I recently started a fitness instagram so follow me @skittlebitzfit

Hope you all have an amazing start to your week! If you would like to contact me about any questions whatsoever feel free to comment below or email me at davisapril17@gmail.com

Your fellow human,