Week 1: Review and onto week 2!!

Hey everyone!

Wishing you a happy Monday from Canada where this weekend we *gasp* reached 15 DEGREES CELSIUS BABY! I cannot describe how glorious it was. Of course this happens after I buy a new winter coat. Pssh.

So Week 1 is all finished and I’ve since begun Week 2. I’m so thrilled with how I have been feeling. So much more energy and feeling stronger already. Thanks so much Lisa!

Day 8: Workout 6 Full body!
1. 10 total – 10lbs
2. 7 – these KILLED my butt
3. 4 rounds – 10 lbs
4. 5 rounds – did not elevate
5. 9 – 10 lbs
6. 7 – 10 lbs
7. 12 – Ok I just need to share this, last time I did this move (March 12) I got 10. I DID 2 MORE GUYS! To some it may not sound like a lot. To me. This. Is. Progress. YAHOO!! Moving on..
8. 13 – Beware. These look easy. Lisa even says so herself, then BAM. You can’t stand up when that 30 seconds is over.
9. 10 – The key here is to keep your knees together. I literally almost only had 9 then i was like ok April 3 seconds you can do this!!!
10. 6 – the hardest part about these were trying to remember what leg I did last *facepalm*
11. 7
12. 4 – I’m really starting to get the hang of tricep push-ups! Feeling proud 🙂 🙂

I also did Workout 5 today, my weekend was filled with work and sleep. Definitely a killer combo!

I was so busy this weekend I literally did not track a single thing. I’m starting to think that is good though. My goal for this week is to include at least 2 green smoothies a day. I’ll try to post as many pictures as I can!


Another note:
I will post progress pictures every 2 weeks. Stay tuned for next Monday’s two week progress!

Have a lovely evening my beautiful peaches!

Your fellow human,


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