Day 7: Thoughts on IIFYM + NEW workouts

Hey guys!

So as you can see from the title today is day 7 of IIFYM! I thought I would share my experience with you guys so you get an idea of what I went through.

First impression: I love IIFYM 🙂 to some people it might be tedious to measure and weigh everything (side note – I just bought a scale, so now instead of measuring my food I can weigh it in grams and be a lot more accurate) but I found I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Like I said in my previous post I calculate the food I will be eating the night before and save myself 200 calories roughly so I can play around with my food for the day in case something changes. Essentially, I have ate nearly the same thing every day for the past week. You know what though? I have never felt better. Digestion is on point and I have lots of energy. Recovery from my workouts has been pretty great as well!

All in all I am really impressed with my results so far with IIFYM. My weight has gone down 3lbs which is A LOT but I know that probably 2-2.5 was water weight. I am looking to lose no more than 0.5lbs a week to ensure it is FAT that I am losing and not muscle. Slow and steady wins the race folks. I am planning on keeping my macros the same for the next upcoming week and on Sunday June 28th I will probably change them again. I might switch it to carb cycling though, keep my total carbs for the week the same but cycle them high, moderate, low for the week based on my training days. I am heading to Winnipeg on Saturday to try and find a place for the school year so I am using that day as a re-feed day to keep my leptin levels high! 😉

Training Schedule:
– I am keeping my sprints to 2x a week, on each of my leg days.
– Incorporate 15 minute HIIT on the stairclimber on my 3 upper body days.
– 2 Rest days.
– Use the same exercises as last week but do them in a circuit instead to keep intensity HIGH

If you guys have any questions or would like me to put together your macros/workouts for you I would be more than happy to!
Email me at

Your fellow human,



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