YouTube Channel! + falling off track

Hey guys!

So I did it, I started a YouTube channel! This is the link and it would be awesome if you liked and subscribed! There will be videos on tips to lose fat while keeping muscle mass, IIFYM, my journey through fitness and sharing some workouts!

On a side note, I fell off the wagon hard the last couple days. Sunday I went over my fat macros like crazy, Monday after work a friend and I went for drinks and poutine after work and yesterday my boyfriend took me for lunch on his day off. We went to Montana’s and I had the pulled pork Sammie with fries 🙈 today I am back on track though and had a great breakfast! I felt the need to share my getting off track so you know that it IS OKAY and you don’t have to feel awful. Just get focused and push hard!

Hopefully you guys decide to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned!

Your fellow human,


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