3 week progress + Cleanse

Hey all!

Sooooo I am finally almost done the third week of the #nolimits challenge on bodybuilding.com. So far, I am pretty darn happy with my progress!



As you can see, the booty is becoming more firm and lifted, my back is getting more developed and my abs are slowly peeping through! I have begun carb cycling this week to really ramp up my results. Hopefully it works 🙂

Another thing I started on Sunday night was Renew Life’s CleanseSmart. I did get this product for free from work but I thought I would share my progress as the weeks go by. I am doing this cleanse to test it on myself and be able to recommend it to customers at work as well as to hopefully clear up my skin and have my joint pain go away. I am only 20 after all…

Week 1:
I have been utterly, absolutely exhausted. I have slept for 10 hours each day and still felt just blah. This feeling thankfully started to dissipate at about day 5. Days 3/4 were the absolute worst thats for sure. I have not broken out really badly and I will attribute that to my honey and cinnamon face mask and sweating for minimum 30 minutes a day. As well as going to the bathroom 3-4 times daily (this is NEEDED for a cleanse). I have lost a few pounds but this is probably a good thing. I needed to feel squeaky clean in there if ya know what I mean!

I go into greater detail about the cleanse in my youtube video. You will just have to skip past my workout clothing haul 😉

I am trying to edit my videos a bit more but it’s really quite difficult on this iPad of mine! Hurry up back to school sales so I can get a decent laptop! 😦

Let me know if you guys have tried any cleanse and if so what did you think of it! Also… If you know a good laptop let me know in the comments below as well 😉

Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel! 🙂

Your fellow human,


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