Moving + new workout clothes

Hey guys! 

So as you may have seen in my last post or my YouTube video, I went to Winnipeg yesterday to try and find a place to live for school and find a job! Unfortunately the places I found online weren’t the best, but luckily I knew someone who was renovating their basement and I think I will end up living with them! It’s in a beautiful location in Winnipeg, a 10 minute drive to the University and super close to one of the main malls 😏 it’s definitely a bit too much over my budget but I figure if I can get a serving job at a nice place I should be ok! 

I wasn’t just on business out there, my mom and I also had some fun! We went shopping and I got so many workout clothes 😍 I went to the Adidas outlet and got these leggings  


They are soooooo comfy and breathable! πŸ’¦ I also got some more from Urban Planet buuuuttttt if you want to see those one’s you will have to watch my video on YouTube tomorrow! 😏 

If I wasn’t trying to scrimp and save every penny now that I know where I would be living I MIGHT have bought something at LuLu Lemon but folks, I’m just not that rich. 

The new video will be up tomorrow, Thanks to everybody who subscribed and watched 😊 

Your fellow human, 



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